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CroMedicor examines how much private clinics in the EU charge for most popular aesthetic treatments and compares them with offers from renowned Croatian cosmetic surgeons. For some treatments prices in Croatia are 65% cheaper!

In the sea of doctors, clinics and countries supporting medical tourism it can be a daunting task to find a partner who you can fully trust. Find out why CroMedicor is exactly that kind of partner and why Croatia is the ideal destination for health rejuvenation and medical tourism.

Economic expert from New York believes that "cost disease“ affects all of us and shows how increasing healthcare prices are inherent to our economic system. He predicts that in the year 2105. expenditure on health care in USA could amount to 60% of GDP!

CroMedicor has put together the largest list of direct flights to Croatia on the Web! For the first time you can browse all direct air routes to any Croatian airport.

We are proud to introduce a new member of the CroMedicor platform, Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Dr Toncic. It’s long tradition and excellent staffs of surgeons attract numerous celebrities and public figures. Book a treatment with CroMedicor and receive exclusive discounts and privileges.

CroMedicor survey: how do dental prices in the UK, Germany, Italy and Slovenia compare to those in Croatia?
We discover that Croatian dentists charge significantly less than their EU colleagues, which opens up great new possibilities for medical tourism in Croatia.

Dentists from renowned Croatian dental clinics demystify the subject of teeth whitening.

Learn about the best treatments and their prices.

The coastal town of Selce is situated in a picturesque bay in the vicinity of Crikvenica, 35 km south of Rijeka. Once a village of fishermen and masons, Selce has turned into an attractive tourist destination in the past one hundred years.

British journalist Quentin Letts wrote an article in the Daily Mail in which he does not hide his unceasing enthusiasm when it comes to the Croatian coast on which he spent his summer holidays three times in the past four years.

The British Daily Mail has recently published an article under the title «The six most beautiful things you must experience in Croatia», in which it says how Croatia is ready to become one of the most popular short stay destinations of the year.


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